“We have inherited the passion for education and would like to see that this passion for education spread like wildfire. The world would then be a better place to live in. I am a firm believer in technology and systems playing an integral part in shaping the future of the Trust. It is our dream to make MNR Institution not only the best in the country but also to make it attain the status of a Deemed University”.

Ravi Varma Manthena

"The inspirational intellect of the next generation"

Vice-Chairman Sri Ravi Varma Manthena has imbibed the legacy of Sri M. N. Raju and is working for the holistic development of MNR Educational Trust. He picked up the baton and with his dynamic leadership qualities, along with the support of his dedicated staff, moved forward steering and accelerating the growth of the trust and made MNR a household name in the education sector.

Sri Ravi Verma who is a tech-savvy, knowing how technology is dominating the world, incorporated technology and systems to be an integral part of the Trust, and thus took the initiative and paved the way in shaping students and the future of MNR Educational trust.

He is redefining the etiquette of quality education with an indomitable team spirit. For students, he is a peacemaker with the hallmarked practice of the teaching and learning process, and for his dedicated team, he is a mentor who leads by example. He oversees the welfare and promotion of trust with his optimistic and pragmatic growth approach. He is an authentic and cognizant leader known for his innovative and exemplary skills.